Pirate Shirts-Latest Fashion Trend

Fashion keeps on changing day-by-day. What ever you are wearing is a fashion. But Pirate dresses are much more in trend. Designers accessorized Pirate dresses with knitted caps called Monmouth caps, chains, Renaissance festivalribbons, bracelets and many more to make them more attractive. Pirate clothing is a part of Renaissance Clothing used to dress for fancy dress competitions or theme parties specially organized for men, women or children.

Today, Pirate Shirts are more in latest trend. These shirts are designed as a loose fit having raw Pirate look with drooping shoulders. The color and style of these shirts attract more. You can purchase Pirate Shirts direct from the shop or from online.

Pirate Shirts are made up of super quality fabric with varied sleeve tightness that enables you to relax the way you want. These shirts have been designed to enhance your personality by its excellent finishing and color coding. Choose the accessories that suit your dress.

Pirate shirts are treated as the most preferred clothing for getting the perfect pirate majestic looks. Well liked colors for Pirate shirts are Black, red, green, dark green, and burnt orange. These shirts fall in your budget as you get some discount or offer when you choose and pay online.

You can find Pirate shirts for any age group, size and gender. Before purchasing these shirts you have to make a huge search over the internet so that you can get varied ranges of these shirts at reasonable prices.

Latest Pirate Shirts

  • Henry Morgan Shirtpirate shirts
  • John Cook Renaissance Shirt
  • Bully Hayes Shirt
  • Warriors Medieval Shirt
  • John Calles Shirt
  • Francis Drake Pirate Shirt
  • Grace O’ Malley Poet Shirt
  • Colonial Shirt
  • Captain Charles Vane Shirt (in cotton)
  • Campbell Renaissance Shirt

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Best Pirate Gothic Costume Ideas for Girls

Girls are very fond of wearing Pirate clothes for a theme party. They choose those pirate costumes that are trendier. Thus, girls prefer to choose Gothic Costumes. These costumes are becoming more and more popular.pirate teen To put some extra weight to these Gothic clothes, Goths dye their hair black and darken their lips, eye-lines and finger-nails. Latest trend influence girls to buy different types of pirate shirts.

Gothic costumes were influenced by the many Gothic novels and horror films of the past. Thus most popular Gothic costumes for women are of vampires and dark brides. Girls prefer to listen Goth music and dressed in the dark gloomy clothes portrayed in many of the old vampire movies.

 Gothic costumes are simple to design, thus it can save lot of time and even money. These costumes are easily available in the market or you can buy online. We provide Gothic Costumes for Women with a huge variety of sizes and styles. Choose different variety of outfits that come with the traditional black hooded cape, teeth with fangs and blood to look like a Dracula.

Girls make their Gothic costumes sexier by makeup and sparkles to accentuate their face. Women tend to like the sexy, dangerous look. Women wearing Gothic Clothes generally wear boots with heel as high as possible. These clothes help not only to reduce your waist considerably but highlight your curves as well.

Features of Goth Clothes:

Dark Velvets, Dark Fishnet, Dark Lace, Dark Gloves and Dark Leather shaded with Scarlet, Leather Dashes with Red or Purple Color, Magical/Weird/Religious Jewelry, Laced Corsets Gothic dresses, etc.

 Trendy Gothic Costumes

Red & Black Long Gothic Dress

Gothic Cross Long Dress

White Satin Gothic Dress

Black & Purple Polyester Gothic Dress

Transparent Sleeves Velvet Long Dress

Golden Goddess Gothic Dress

Long Gothic Velvet Dress

Black PVC Witch Long Dress

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Designer Clothes – Quality Or Quantity?

Pirates costumes are becoming more and more popular among the kids and the adults. It looks very attractive to wear pirate costume when you go for a fancy Renaissance Clothes. These costumes are available for male, female and kids. Thus, every one can easily get these costumes. Theses dresses originate from the time of great lady, Queen of Victoria. We can see different variety of pirate costumes in movies or in cartoons like batman, Captain Jack Sparrow, Cinderella, Peter Pan and many more. Kids want to be look like them.

We at tobeapirate.com offer you wide variety of pirate clothes at reasonable prices. Thus for more dress costume ideas, tobeapirate.com is a great resource. Once you can find what you like and want to order, just click over the costume and pay online for it. You can see the details of clothes, their price, different colors of the dresses. You can also get some discount over the costumes. In Renaissance period, fashion was inclined towards the simple form. You can have a detailed look over the Renaissance Clothing.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of clothes with new style and fashion. Even Walt Disney famous for pirate costumes used with their cartoons, offers costumes of the stars to the general public to make them more popular. Pirate costumes include many accessories like beards, cutlasses, eye patches, pirate boots, pirate pistol, sword with full grip handle and moustaches. These dresses are in great demand just because of the real pirate’s dressing sense and their rebellious attitude which make them remembrable even after thousands years.


If you are organizing a fancy dress party or invited for the same then pirate costumes are always be a good choice. You can be look like different pirate characters. You can wear:


  •   Captain Jack Sparrow  costume
  •   Captain Hook costume
  •    Roronoa Zoro costume
  • Long John Silver costume

You can wear pirate hat known as “Tricon” and eye patch to make your look more attractive. Gold earring and fake scars on your face are also famous among pirate costumes. You can print skull or crossbones over the T-shirt or on any other item. There are various trendy clothes like:

  • Buccaneer Shirt
  • John Coxon Renaissance Shirt
  • Captain Cottuy Pants
  • Harem Pants
  • Captain Charles Vane Shirt

All these costumes make you more glamorous. You look different from others. Thus you can get the best costume designed by best designers.

Fashion of Renaissance clothes

In Fashion Industry Renaissance clothes gives a specific look on eyes of viewer. We can saw people wearing these kinds of dresses at special ocassions and at the festivals. It is believed that during the Renaissance, clothes wore such an important treasure that those belonging to the upper classes of nobility and aristocracy would spend all their earnings on what they wore. The women finely decorated their dresses. Typical Renaissance clothing was not just limited to England, which was ruled by Queen Elizabeth, but its influence spread to other European countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Flanders, and Poland.

Renaissance Dresses are dresses which are highly appeciated in the medieval period because they are symbol of luxury. Kings and queens of that period are used to dressed in that clothes. At that time common people does not wear that dresses because they not affordable to them. Sailors or their companions are also used to dressed in them. But nowadays these dresses are affordable and gives a unique look in a crowd of people. Renaissance costume was distinctive. The Renaissance culture was very conscious of fashion, and their costume was extremely stylized, very complex and elaborate, and above all, striking. The very nature of the Renaissance clothing style was to make a statement, whether that was of status, power or of wealth.

In the Renaissance, clothing, both the richness and the *amount* of it, was a mark of status. A peasant woman might have a bodice, a blouse (or maybe 2 blouses), 3-4 skirts, smallclothes (underthings) and a cap. When going out, she would wear at least 2 skirts, both to keep warm (England was experiencing a mini ice age at the time), and because it might be all the skirts she had, so wearing them was the best way to keep them safe! On the other hand, a noble lady close to the throne might have smallclothes, a hoop or farthingale, a chemise, a corset, a bum roll, an underskirt (which would likely be made with common material in the back, and use fancier material in the front where it would show through the gap in the over skirt or gown), an overskirt or gown, possibly with interchangeable front pieces, a bodice with interchangeable busk, a snood, a cap, a hat or a hood.

Historical Clothing Realm strives to be your number one source for historical clothing and costumes, including renaissance costumes and clothing, medieval armor and clothing, Viking costumes, and pirate costumes.

Haloween Festival Dresses

Halloween being the oldest holiday that is being celebrated .it is the only festival that is being celebrated earlier than Christmas. It is believed to have been started in what is now known as Ireland. Ancient people known as Celts observed Samhain at the end of the season, thus accounting to the biggest day of celebration in the entire year.

A corrupted version of Romans’ ‘All Hallows Eve’, during which they used to honor their saints, ‘Halloween’ is one of the very popular and beloved festivals of the world today, especially among children. It is associated with interesting customs, magical spells and the wicked costumes. So, start now by making your home a ghoulish place for the ghosts to live and use our creative ideas to make the Halloween delicacies in all the terrible forms, fit to be chewed upon and drunk by your witch and vampire guests. Don’t forget the terrible ‘Jack-o-lanterns’ to light up their way.

Haloween Fancy dress is also fun for adults because they can dress up and be silly, they don’t have to be the sensible adult they are on a daily basis, being dressed in a fancy dress costume means they can be anyone they want to be. Disney costumes for adults are fun too for you and the kids.

There are numerous collections of Halloween Dresses to choose from, depending on your tastes and personality. However, the theme of the party is the soul and spirit of Halloween Dresses. It can vary from historical themes to animal themes to food themes to the most silly like clown themes. The Halloween Dresses varies from fairy dresses to Renaissance dresses to pirate to the most hot dresses.

Pirate Fancy Dress

Pirate fancy dress is becoming all the more popular these days. This dressing style has something secret and alluring about it. It is just like sea pirates being in love or you can even name it as piracy in love. The concept is all the more unique and innovative.

During Renaissance era one has to be completely dresses from head to toe it means from head wear to footwear. Male and female has wide variety of choices in this regard. Pirate Shirts are generally loose fit, have drooping shoulders and frilly designs, that will give you rustic and raw pirate look. These shirts are available in all colors but most people prefer it in white. Warriors Medieval Shirt ($ 35.95), John Cook Renaissance Shirt ($ 35.95), Early Renaissance Shirt ($ 36.95), Noble’s Medieval Shirt ($ 39.95), John Coxon Renaissance Shirt ($ 39.95) are some male Renaissance Clothing

The pirate costumes can indeed make the event all the more special and exemplary. The character of Johnny Depp has inspired many fashion designers to make piracy the theme of the day. They have worked hard in retaining the taste of the fictitious character and make people look all the more stunning and smart.

Once you dress as a pirate you feel the character and at once you become someone special with distinctness and color. For you kids you can even have a Jack Sparrow costume. This is a popular Disney character which your kid would just love to imitate.

There are gardens of pirate fancy dresses both for the male as well as for the female section of the society. You can indeed be the handsome captain of the pirate group wearing a dress with lots of frills and colors. Long coats with accentuated gold and red fabrics will surely make you look differently beautiful.